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Diving into Emotion

Ok... emotion. In a book of magick why emotion?

To understand let me explain how I perceive the general process of manifesting something.

1. Your spirit desires something.
2. Your mind defines it.
3. Your emotions guide it.
4. Your will decides it.
5. Your speech expresses it.
6. Your actions allow it
7. The Universe provides it

They don't all happen in this order. Think of it like a coordinated effort. If there is a problem at any of these steps it can interfere with the end result. In America we tend to misunderstand the purpose of emotions. Sure all of these steps can be the failure point, but the most common failure point in Western Culture is emotion.

We tend to identify ourselves as our emotions. Our words make this clear to an astute listener. The truth of a situation is “X happened, I chose to feel angry.”

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